Taylor Jackson

Taylor Jackson is a second-year MA student at San Francisco State University in the College of Ethnic Studies. After being an active undergraduate at University of California, Santa Barbara, Taylor began engaging in community work that shaped how they viewed the world, the academy, and society as a whole. At UCSB, Taylor majored in Sociology, was a part of the BSU Demands Team that saw through the creation of the Office of Black Student Development and created an internship at the MultiCultural Center, originally named the Community Engagement and Advocacy Program. The internship is now named the Jackson Social Justice Legacy Internship and students continue doing the work of being changemakers on campus and in the community. Currently, Taylor is residing in Oakland, CA, working on their thesis and organizing in the community through volunteering in decolonial programs. Their thesis is focused on Liberatory and Revolutionary Healing, interrogating how organizations are healing themselves and their communities through creating the worlds they want to see.